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Utilizing the File API to upload files asynchronously
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HTML5 AJAX File Uploader

This file provides a JavaScript object to simplify utilization of the HTML5 File API for AJAX uploading.

The only thing you need to do is include the uploader.js file and create the object with

var upload = new uploader(document.getElementById('file-input-element'), {options});

You don't have to create a new object for each input element if you don't want to. I made it so the setOpt() and setInput() methods chain together so you can just change what's necessary without instantiating unnecessary uploader objects (and thus XmlHttpRequest objects)


  • prefix:string - this string is the name that files will be sent to the server as, i.e. files[0] will be sent as prefix+'0' and files[1] will be sent as prefix+'1', etc.
  • multiple:boolean - set to true if you want to allow multiple files to be uploaded at once, false to only upload the first file (and only file if the multiple attribute isn't specified on the input element)
  • autoUpload:boolean - set to true so that the files are uploaded as soon as they are selected, false to manually send
  • url:string - the URL to which the data will be sent
  • onprogress:function - callback function for whenever the progress event fires (so you can update a progress bar or whatever)
  • error:function - callback function for whenever the upload errors out
  • success:function - callback function for when the AJAX request completes, i.e. the XHR status == 200


  • send() - attempt to send whatever files are currently selected in the input element
  • setOpt() - set one of the options after instantiation
  • getOpt() - returns one of the options
  • setInput() - set the object to a new input element
  • getInput() - returns the input element

To Do List

This seems pretty complete to me since I explicitly wanted to make this thing pretty barebones. The less I had built into the object, the more I could easily customize things as I needed when using the object.

  • Automatically detect the multiple attribute on the element? It doesn't seem to make much difference to me, but then again, it also doesn't seem plausible that someone would declare the multiple attribute but only allow uploading of one file at a time
  • Possibly attempt to utilize only one XHR object even if multiple uploader objects are created, but who knows
  • Grab the input element for the user if a string is passed instead of the DOM input element object
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