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Upgrading to 1.0.0

Minimum PHP version

As of Mockery 1.0.0 the minimum PHP version required is 5.6.

Using Mockery with PHPUnit

In the "old days", 0.9.x and older, the way Mockery was integrated with PHPUnit was through a PHPUnit listener. That listener would in turn call the \Mockery::close() method for us.

As of 1.0.0, PHPUnit test cases where we want to use Mockery, should either use the \Mockery\Adapter\Phpunit\MockeryPHPUnitIntegration trait, or extend the \Mockery\Adapter\Phpunit\MockeryTestCase test case. This will in turn call the \Mockery::close() method for us.

Read the documentation for a detailed overview of ":doc:`/reference/phpunit_integration`".

\Mockery\Matcher\MustBe is deprecated

As of 1.0.0 the \Mockery\Matcher\MustBe matcher is deprecated and will be removed in Mockery 2.0.0. We recommend instead to use the PHPUnit or Hamcrest equivalents of the MustBe matcher.

allows and expects

As of 1.0.0, Mockery has two new methods to set up expectations: allows and expects. This means that these methods names are now "reserved" for Mockery, or in other words classes you want to mock with Mockery, can't have methods called allows or expects.

Read more in the documentation about this ":doc:`/reference/alternative_should_receive_syntax`".

No more implicit regex matching for string arguments

When setting up string arguments in method expectations, Mockery 0.9.x and older, would try to match arguments using a regular expression in a "last attempt" scenario.

As of 1.0.0, Mockery will no longer attempt to do this regex matching, but will only try first the identical operator ===, and failing that, the equals operator ==.

If you want to match an argument using regular expressions, please use the new \Mockery\Matcher\Pattern matcher. Read more in the documentation about this pattern matcher in the ":doc:`/reference/argument_validation`" section.

andThrow \Throwable

As of 1.0.0, the andThrow can now throw any \Throwable.

Upgrading to 0.9

The generator was completely rewritten, so any code with a deep integration to mockery will need evaluating.

Upgrading to 0.8

Since the release of 0.8.0 the following behaviours were altered:

  1. The shouldIgnoreMissing() behaviour optionally applied to mock objects returned an instance of \Mockery\Undefined when methods called did not match a known expectation. Since 0.8.0, this behaviour was switched to returning null instead. You can restore the 0.7.2 behaviour by using the following:

    $mock = \Mockery::mock('stdClass')->shouldIgnoreMissing()->asUndefined();