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The Things Network Packet Forwarder, configured to run on
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TTN PKT FWD - Edition!

This set of files will provision a TTN Gateway based on a Raspberry Pi and the IMST ic880a gateway board.

Connect the hardware as documented here (We really recommend using one of the backplane boards such as this one) and then set the following environment variables for each device in your application.

ENV Name Value
GW_ID The gateway id from your TTN Console that you chose during registration
GW_KEY The long Base64 Encoded key that authorises your gateway to TTN
GW_RESET_PIN The reset pin as documented on the data sheet. If you're using the simple backplane board, this should be set to 22

Once you've configured the above, add a remote to your clone of this repo as documented in the Resin Dashboard, and git push resin master.

All Gateways that are registered to your application will download the software, restart and register themselves with the TTN console.

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