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#pragma once
#include <optional>
#include <ostream>
#include <string>
#include "physics/body.hpp"
#include "physics/degrees_of_freedom.hpp"
namespace principia {
namespace physics {
namespace internal_kepler_orbit {
using base::not_null;
using geometry::Instant;
using quantities::Angle;
using quantities::AngularFrequency;
using quantities::GravitationalParameter;
using quantities::Length;
using quantities::SpecificAngularMomentum;
using quantities::SpecificEnergy;
using quantities::Speed;
using quantities::Time;
template<typename Frame>
struct KeplerianElements final {
// I. These elements determine the shape and size of the conic. Two are
// needed, from two different numbered categories below.
// 1. eccentricity.
std::optional<double> eccentricity;
// The following two elements are NaN for elliptic orbits.
std::optional<Angle> asymptotic_true_anomaly;
std::optional<Angle> turning_angle;
// 2. semimajor axis.
std::optional<Length> semimajor_axis;
std::optional<SpecificEnergy> specific_energy;
std::optional<SpecificEnergy> characteristic_energy;
// The following two elements are NaN for hyperbolic orbits.
std::optional<AngularFrequency> mean_motion;
std::optional<Time> period;
// The following two elements are NaN for elliptic orbits.
std::optional<AngularFrequency> hyperbolic_mean_motion;
std::optional<Speed> hyperbolic_excess_velocity;
// 3. semiminor axis. The |semiminor_axis| is NaN for hyperbolic orbits, the
// |impact_parameter| is NaN for elliptic orbits.
std::optional<Length> semiminor_axis;
std::optional<Length> impact_parameter;
// 4. semilatus rectum.
std::optional<Length> semilatus_rectum;
// 5. periapsis distance.
std::optional<Length> periapsis_distance;
// 6. apoapsis distance.
std::optional<Length> apoapsis_distance;
// II. These elements determine the orientation of the conic. Three are
// needed.
Angle inclination;
Angle longitude_of_ascending_node;
std::optional<Angle> argument_of_periapsis;
std::optional<Angle> longitude_of_periapsis;
// III. These elements determine a point on the conic. One is needed.
std::optional<Angle> true_anomaly;
std::optional<Angle> true_longitude;
std::optional<Time> time_since_periapsis;
// The mean anomaly and mean longitude are NaN for hyperbolic orbits.
std::optional<Angle> mean_anomaly;
std::optional<Angle> mean_longitude;
// The hyperbolic mean anomaly is NaN for elliptic orbits.
std::optional<Angle> hyperbolic_mean_anomaly;
void WriteToMessage(
not_null<serialization::KeplerianElements*> message) const;
template<typename Frame>
std::string DebugString(KeplerianElements<Frame> const& elements);
template<typename Frame>
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& out,
KeplerianElements<Frame> const& elements);
template<typename Frame>
class KeplerOrbit final {
// TODO(egg): This class used to require:
// static_assert(Frame::is_inertial, "Frame must be inertial");
// However, it only requires a non-rotating frame; for instance, it is often
// used with a body-centred non-rotating frame. Perhaps we should have a
// concept of non-rotating frame.
// Exactly one of the |optional|s must be filled in the given
// |KeplerianElements|.
KeplerOrbit(MassiveBody const& primary,
Body const& secondary,
KeplerianElements<Frame> const& elements_at_epoch,
Instant const& epoch);
KeplerOrbit(MassiveBody const& primary,
Body const& secondary,
RelativeDegreesOfFreedom<Frame> const& state_vectors,
Instant const& epoch);
// The |DegreesOfFreedom| of the secondary minus those of the primary.
RelativeDegreesOfFreedom<Frame> StateVectors(Instant const& t) const;
// All |optional|s are filled in the result.
KeplerianElements<Frame> const& elements_at_epoch() const;
// |elements| must be minimally specified. Fills all |optional|s in
// |elements|.
static void CompleteElements(KeplerianElements<Frame>& elements,
GravitationalParameter const& μ);
// For each category in section I of |elements|, either one, none, or all of
// the |optional|s must be filled. If one is filled, fills the others in that
// category.
static void CompleteConicParametersByCategory(
KeplerianElements<Frame>& elements,
GravitationalParameter const& μ);
// Section I of |elements| must be minimally specified. Fills it.
static void CompleteConicParameters(KeplerianElements<Frame>& elements,
GravitationalParameter const& μ);
// Section II of |elements| must be minimally specified. Fills it.
static void CompleteOrientationParameters(KeplerianElements<Frame>& elements);
// Sections I and II of |elements| must be filled; section III must be
// minimally specified. Fills section III.
static void CompleteAnomalies(KeplerianElements<Frame>& elements);
GravitationalParameter const gravitational_parameter_;
KeplerianElements<Frame> elements_at_epoch_;
Instant const epoch_;
} // namespace internal_kepler_orbit
using internal_kepler_orbit::KeplerianElements;
using internal_kepler_orbit::KeplerOrbit;
} // namespace physics
} // namespace principia
#include "physics/kepler_orbit_body.hpp"
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