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Shipkit is a toolkit for shipping it. We want fully automated, semantic releases, getting you the productivity boost you deserve. Focus on building your product, not on the release overhead.

Get empowered to develop with rapid velocity, frictionless releases and semantic versioning just like we do it in Mockito. Shipkit enables Mockito to automatically publish new versions to 2M Mockito users.


We work on Shipkit because we'd love to live in the world where you can:

  • Pull in a new version of some Open Source library and not worry if it breaks compatibility.
  • Submit a PR to some project, have it reviewed timely, and have the new version published within minutes after the merge.
  • Read the changelog of any dependency you are upgrading, and that changelog is crisp and clear.
  • Set up practical CI/CD automation in your project in minutes, using a well behaving build plugins.
  • Focus on code and features while the release management, versioning, publishing, changelog generation "just works".

2020 Update

"One Shipkit Gradle plugin to rule them all" approach has proven hard to maintain for our team. We are transitioning Shipkit into a narrow set of small libraries (design note). Mockito project has already migrated.


Using Shipkit? Submit a pull request and add your project to the list!

Quick start

Help us!

Does our vision connect with you? Help us!

  • Open a new GitHub ticket to start the conversation. We love feedback, brainstorming and discussions.
  • Try out Shipkit in your project and give feedback.
  • Spread the word about Shipkit, let us know about other projects with similar goals.
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