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Frequently asked questions

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How do I get started?

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How do I prevent publication of specific submodule?

By default Shipkit plugins such as "" publish all submodules (jars) of the project. Using Gradle vocabulary: all archives produced by all subprojects in your build are published. Say that one of your subprojects is a "test" or "sample" project that you don't want to publish. To prevent publication, disable bintrayUpload task:

//build.gradle of a subproject that you don't want to publish
apply plugin: 'java'
bintrayUpload.enabled = false

How to build my library against different JDK versions?

Sometimes projects are build against different Java versions, but you can't release the same artifact version twice. To avoid failed builds on Travis, you can configure it like that:

  - jdk: oraclejdk8
  - jdk: oraclejdk9
    env: SKIP_RELEASE=true
  - jdk: openjdk10
    env: SKIP_RELEASE=true
  - jdk: openjdk11
    env: SKIP_RELEASE=true

Now only artifacts produced by JDK8 build will be published.

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