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We really needed to do that!
As much as useful the toolkit was to drive Mockito releases, we needed to make it reusable, well documented, and packaged as a separate binary.
- 2017, February - [Marcin Stachniuk]( joins the team, implements automatic fetching of contributors from GitHub and starts working on automatic [e2e testing]( of library clients.
- 2017, March - Shipkit mentioned in DevoxxUS'17 conference in San Jose, "Great tools for engineers: even cleaner tests with Mockito 2" talk ([video](
- 2017, March - [Wojtek Wilk]( joins the team, implements release avoidance when binaries aren't changed in comparison to previous release, starts driving [API compatibility]( validation and Shipkit dogfooding.
- 2017, April - we found a neat name for our project: "Shipkit", a toolkit for shipping it! We registered the domain:
- 2017, May - there are 5 contributors in total, we expanded the vision of the project, and currently working on killer features like: automated e2e testing with library consumers + automated pushes of version upgrades [#85](, [A/B testing]( of build results when upgrading dependencies.
- 2017, June - "Ship every change to production!" presentation at Software Architecture conference in Santa Clara, CA ([abstract](
- 2017, June - Szczepan includes information about Shipkit in his presentation at Gradle Summit conference in Palo Alto, CA. ([abstract](, [slides](, [video](
- 2017, July - Shipkit presented at Confitura '17 conference in Warsaw ([abstract](, [slides](, [video](
- 2017, July/August - Shipkit presentations at JUG meetups in Poland: [all abstracts](, Krakow ([slides](, Wroclaw ([slides](, and Bielsko-Biala ([slides](
- 2017, October - Shipkit mentioned in JavaOne '17 conference in San Francisco in 2 talks:
- "You Deserve Great Tools: Commit-to-Production Automation at LinkedIn" ([summary](, [video](, [slides](
- "You Deserve Great Tools: Mockito 2 for Cleaner Tests and Enhanced Productivity" ([summary](, [slides]( There was no video taken at JavaOne but this talk was recorded at DevoxxUS'17 conference ([video](
- 2017, November - Shipkit mentioned in QCon '17 conference in San Francisco, "CI/CD at scale: lessons from LinkedIn and Mockito" talk ([slide clip](
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