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@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ It should use the same version that was built in the previous step.
Release notes are generated from 'previousVersion' to current 'version' as declared in '' file.
4. Advanced testing (occasionally, for core developers, edge cases):
- Release notes in file: ```./gradlew updateReleaseNotes```, then inspect updated file
- Test release needed task: ```./gradlew assertReleaseNeeded```
- Test release needed task: ```./gradlew releaseNeeded```
- If you are one of the core developers you can export env variables and even test git push and bintray upload.
Run ```./gradlew testRelease``` follow the prompts and export necessary env variables.
- Test ciReleasePrepare task but beware that it will reconfigure your working copy!
@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ script:

The "script" part of Travis CI setup consists of 2 operations separate with "&&". This is the easiest way to configure releases in Travis. The first operation is typically the "build" command, but you totally configure it. Second operation uses "&&" so that it is only triggered if the build succeeds. "ciPerformRelease" task is the core of Shipkit, it aggregates few other tasks:

- **assertReleaseNeeded** which checks if release should be made during this build.
- **releaseNeeded** which checks if release should be made during this build.
There is a number of ways how you can skip release — eg. by using **[ci skip-release]** in your commit message or set **SKIP_RELEASE** environment variable.
You can find more ways here.
- **ciReleasePrepare** that sets up Git configuration on Travis, eg. sets git.user and properties
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ Releasing every time we have a change in the project may lead to quite
a lot of releases. It would be better to release only when the change is
interesting from the customer perspective. How to achieve that? Shipkit
provides you with two tasks that may help you with solving that problem:
- **assertReleaseNeeded**
- **assertReleaseNeeded** (deprecated)
- **releaseNeeded**

The only difference between them is that **assertReleaseNeeded** fails
@@ -43,12 +43,12 @@ Release is needed when all above is false and:
#### Usage

You usually don't need to apply this plugin. It comes with **ShipkitJavaPlugin**
or **ShipkitGradlePlugin**. Also **assertReleaseNeeded** is a part of **ciPerformRelease** task.
or **ShipkitGradlePlugin**. Also **releaseNeeded** is a part of **ciPerformRelease** task.

To test it - run in the command line:

./gradlew assertReleaseNeeded
./gradlew releaseNeeded


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