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To use latest version of an extension from the repository you have to build it first.

Build Chrome extension

➤ rake chrome
(in /Users/nv/Code/livereload)
+ LiveReload.chromeextension/LiveReload-content.js

Now you open chrome://extensions/, click "Load unpacked extension" and select "LiveReload.chromeextension" directory.

Build Safari extension

➤ rake safari
(in /Users/nv/Code/livereload)
+ LiveReload.safariextension/LiveReload-injected.js

To load unpacked extension you must have Web Developer certificate. Apple is paranoid. Safari Extension Guide.

Build Firefox extension

➤ rake firefox
(in your livereload’s repository)
[... some outputs ...]
+ LiveReload.xpi (drag it into Firefox window to install)

As said, drag the generated .xpi file and drop it into Firefox window (and wait a little, it may take some time to react).

Command-line tool

server/bin/livereload works out of the box. You don't have to build anything.