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Mockoon's mock samples

Welcome to Mockoon's mock API samples repository. You will find in the apis folder many mock samples from popular APIs (Open Weather, Giphy, etc.). We will be adding more samples from time to time.

You will find the full list of sample mock APIs on our website too:

How to open the samples in Mockoon

To open the samples in Mockoon application, you have two possibilities:

  1. Download the sample JSON file and click on the open button:

    open environment

  2. Copy the sample file content from this repository to the clipboard and open the File menu and choose New environment from clipboard:

    new environment from clipboard

In both cases, a new environment will be created and ready to use after running it by pressing the green "play" button.

Run the mock API

How to use the samples with Mockoon CLI

To run the mock samples with the CLI you can diractly run the following command using the sample raw file GitHub URL:

mockoon-cli start --data


You can discuss all things related to Mockoon, and ask for help, on the official community. It's also a good place to discuss bugs and feature requests before opening an issue on this repository. For more chat-like discussions, you can also join our Discord server.


If you are interested in contributing to Mockoon mock samples, please take a look at the contributing guidelines.

Please also take a look at our Code of Conduct.


You will find Mockoon's documentation on the official website. It covers Mockoon's most complex features. Feel free to contribute or ask for new topics to be covered.


If you want to know what will be coming in the next release you can check the project "Roadmap".

New releases will be announced on Mockoon's Twitter account @GetMockoon and through the newsletter to which you can subscribe here.