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@255kb 255kb released this Oct 7, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

/!\ This release has a bug causing duplicated routes to share the same route responses. Please choose v1.5.1 which solves it. /!\

Mockoon is now available to download through Snap store, together with deb and rpm formats!


  • Add multiple responses per route with possibility to set triggering rules #75
  • Add Mockoon's responses log side by side with entering requests #155 & #138 Thanks @gabrielperes97
  • Linux users can now download Mockoon in deb and rpm formats alongside AppImage. Mockoon is also available on Snap Store. #168


  • Update UI to reflect server binding on multiple network interfaces #99
  • Update "someOf" helper to return a string or an array #131
  • Make documentation field less confusing by moving it down and rewriting the placeholder #140
  • Replace old deprecated wiki "help" menu link with Spectrum community link #135
  • MacOS binary has been notarized, which should easier the installation on macOS Mojave #71


  • Correct bug where body formatting option was not propagating the changes immediately #147



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