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@255kb 255kb released this Nov 13, 2019 · 20 commits to master since this release

Special thanks to @gabrielperes97 who worked on most of these great additions 🎉

Mockoon is now available on Arch Linux repository thanks to @Spissable 👍
Install it with yay -S mockoon-bin (or any other AUR helper).


  • Create mock routes from environment logs entries (proxied or not) #139 Thanks @gabrielperes97
  • Add possibility to enable/disable a route #106 Thanks @gabrielperes97
  • Environment log's bodies from entering request and outgoing responses can now be truncated to desired length in the settings #186 Thanks @gabrielperes97


  • Add an icon next to the first route response to better indicate the default one #171
  • Update to Electron 7 #183
  • New environments (created or duplicated) get next available port or a random one instead of default 3000 #192 Thanks @gabrielperes97
  • Mockoon is now available on Arch Linux repository #202 Thanks to @Spissable


  • Fixes a bug where UI wasn't refreshing after selecting a file to serve #189
  • Fixes a bug where adding/removing a route wasn't displaying the "restart needed" indicators #187
  • Hide two macOS specific menu entries on Windows and Linux #193


  • Automate binaries build for the 3 targeted platforms #181
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