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Model-based clustering package for mixed data
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MixtComp (Mixture Composer) is a model-based clustering package for mixed data originating from the Modal team (Inria Lille).

It has been engineered around the idea of easy and quick integration of all new univariate models, under the conditional independence assumption. New models will eventually be available from researches, carried out by the Modal team or by other teams. Currently, central architecture of MixtComp is built and functionality has been field-tested through industry partnerships. Five basic models (Gaussian, Multinomial, Poisson, Weibull, NegativeBinomial) are implemented, as well as two advanced models (Func_CS and Rank_ISR).

MixtComp has the ability to natively manage missing data (completely or by interval). MixtComp is used as an R package, but its internals are coded in C++ using state of the art libraries for faster computation.

Online version (not up-to-date): MASSICCC


The following people contributed to the development of MixtComp: Vincent Kubicki, Christophe Biernacki, Quentin Grimonprez, Serge Iovleff, Matthieu Marbac-Lourdelle, Étienne Goffinet.

Copyrigth Inria - Université de Lille - CNRS


MixtComp is distributed under the AGPL 3.0 licence. For more details about the licences of MixtComp and its dependencies see the file.

Code organization

  • MixtComp MixtComp C++ library
  • JMixtComp C++ executable using JSON files
  • RMixtComp Main R package loading RMixtCompIO and RMixtCompUtilities
  • RMixtCompIO R package linking MixtComp with Rcpp (internal use)
  • RMixtCompUtilities R package containing graphical, formatting functions and getters
  • RJMixtComp R package using a JMixtComp executable
  • RMixtCompHier R package containing the hierarchical version of MixtComp

A description of the links between packages and external libraries can be found here for a text version and here for a visual version


Scientific papers about algorithm and models are available in the article folder.

Other tools (for MixtComp dev team)

Branches (for MixtComp dev team)

There are two branches tested on the ci server (using the file):

  • master this branch is protected, MixtComp must always work on it.
  • staging this branch is used for short development, testing new features, bug fixes... and its content is regularly pushed to master when tests are OK. Big features should be developed on a specific branch.
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