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Materials for lesson about how to run MODX on Docker environment
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Run MODX in Docker container

Materials for lesson about how to run MODX on Docker environment

Hot to setup environment?


Install Docker and Docker Compose tools. More infromation here

Run containers

For run all containers just run command:

docker-composer up -d

For stop and remove all containers run command:

docker-compose down

Install MODX

You can use Gitify (already installed in docker image) for installing MODX. Just log into container with MODX (php in services) and run gitify command.

docker exec -it foldername_php_1 bash
../../Gitify/Gitify modx:install

NOTE! foldername - name of folder where you store this code. Docker always creates containers names by this rule: current folder name + service name + number of instance.

Or you can download MODX file into src folder and setup MODX by usual MODX installer.

Open instance in browser

By default this configuration use port 3333 for website, so you should go to but you can change it in docker-composer.yml and restart all containers.

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