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Research interests

  • Catchment hydrology
  • Streamflow drought, low flows, groundwater dynamics, drought propagation
  • Alpine hydrology
  • Visualizations (in Geoscience)
  • Big data, Data science

Scientific contributions @ conferences

Snapshots of selected scientifc contributions (presentations, posters). Short abstracts and further references will come...

Conference Year Titel Type
TDH 2011 Indikatoren für Trockenheit - Umfrage unter Akteuren Poster
EGU 2012 Are streamflow recession characteristics really characteristic? Presentation
HIC 2012 As simple as possible? Drought recognition based on streamflow recession Presentation
EGU 2013 The role of seasonal recharge and storage concepts for low flow modelling Poster
EGU 2014 Aquifer type-specific conceptual groundwater models improve baseflow simulation Presentation
HYPER 2014 Recharge scenarios to identify controls of catchments’ sensitivity to drought Presentation
EGU 2015 Improved baseflow characterization in mountainous catchments  Poster
TDH 2016 Starkregen BW Presentation
EGU 2016 Winter streamflow analysis in frozen, alpine catchments to quantify groundwater contribution and properties Presentation
TDH 2017 Graphical low flow analysis Rhine river (100 years data) in German Poster
KLIWA 2017 Niedrigwassermanagement - Synthesebericht Link PDF Presentation
OGW 2017 Large catchment storages at high elevations Workshop poster
EGU 2018 Stress testing scenarios to quantify streamflow drought sensitivity Poster
FRIEND 2018 Stress testing as complement to climate scenarios: Recharge scenarios to quantify streamflow drought sensitivity Presentation
TDH 2019 Dürre und Niedrigwasser 2018 in Baden-Württemberg Presentation
EGU 2019 Streamflow components beyond binary quick- and baseflow separation Presentation


ResearchGate (all Papers and Posters)


Michael Stölzle, Dr. rer.nat.

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