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  • [COOK-2032] - Use public IP address for inter-cloud checks and private for intra-cloud checks
  • [COOK-2081] - add support for notes_url to nagios_services data bags


This is a major release due to some dramatic refactoring to the service check configuration which may not be compatible with existing implementations of this cookbook.

  • [COOK-1544] - Nagios cookbook needs to support event handlers
  • [COOK-1785] - Template causes service restart every time
  • [COOK-1879] - Nagios: add configuration to automatically redirect http://myserver/ to http://myserver/nagios3/
  • [COOK-1880] - Extra attribute was left over after the multi_environment_monitoring update
  • [COOK-1881] - Oracle should be added to the metadata for Nagios
  • [COOK-1891] - README says to modify the nrpe.cfg template, but the cookbook exports a resource for nrpe checks.
  • [COOK-1947] - Nagios: Pager duty portions of Nagios cookbook not using nagios user/group attributes
  • [COOK-1949] - Nagios: A bad role on a node shouldn't cause the cookbook to fail
  • [COOK-1950] - Nagios: Simplify hostgroup building and cookbook code
  • [COOK-1995] - Nagios: Update source install to use Nagios 3.4.3 not 3.4.1
  • [COOK-2005] - Remove unusable check commands from nagios
  • [COOK-2031] - Adding templates as a data bag, extending service data bag to take arbitrary config items
  • [COOK-2032] - Use public IP address for intra-cloud checks
  • [COOK-2034] - Nagios cookbook calls search more often than necessary
  • [COOK-2054] - Use service description in the nagios_services databag items
  • [COOK-2061] - template.erb refers to a service variable when it should reference template.


  • [COOK-1543] - Nagios cookbook needs to be able to monitor environments
  • [COOK-1556] - Nagios: Add ability to define service template to be used in the nagios_services data bag
  • [COOK-1618] - Users data bag group allowed to log into Nagios should be configurable
  • [COOK-1696] - Nagios: Support defining non-Chef managed hosts via data bag items
  • [COOK-1697] - nagios: Source installs should install the latest NRPE and Nagios plugins
  • [COOK-1717] - Nagios: nagios server web page under Apache2 fails to load out of the box
  • [COOK-1723] - Amazon missing as a supported OS in the Nagios metadata
  • [COOK-1732] - nagios::client_source includes duplicate resources
  • [COOK-1815] - Switch Nagios to use platform_family not platform
  • [COOK-1816] - Nagios: mod ssl shouldn't get installed if SSL isn't being used
  • [COOK-1887] - value_for_platform_family use in Nagios cookbook is broken


  • [COOK-715] - don't source /etc/sysconfig/network on non-RHEL platforms
  • [COOK-769] - don't use nagios specific values in users data bag items if they don't exist
  • [COOK-1206] - add nginx support
  • [COOK-1225] - corrected inconsistencies (mode, user/group, template headers)
  • [COOK-1281] - add support for amazon linux
  • [COOK-1365] - nagios_conf does not use nagios user/group attributes
  • [COOK-1410] - remvoe deprecated package resource
  • [COOK-1411] - Nagios server source installs should not necessarily install the NRPE client from source
  • [COOK-1412] - Nagios installs from source do not install a mail client so notifications fail
  • [COOK-1413] - install nagios 3.4.1 instead of 3.2.3
  • [COOK-1518] - missing sysadmins variable in apache recipe
  • [COOK-1541] - support environments that have windows systems
  • [COOK-1542] - allow setting flap detection via attribute
  • [COOK-1545] - add support for defining host groups using search in data bags
  • [COOK-1553] - check_nagios command doesn't work from source install
  • [COOK-1555] - include service template for monitoring logs
  • [COOK-1557] - check-nagios command only works in environments with single nagios server
  • [COOK-1587] - use default attributes instead of normal in cookbook attributes files


  • [COOK-860] - set mail command with an attribute by platform


  • [COOK-1119] - attributes for command_timeout / dont_blame_nrpe options
  • [COOK-1120] - allow monitoring from servers in multiple chef_environments


  • [COOK-991] - NRPE LWRP No Longer Requires a Template
  • [COOK-955] - Nagios Service Checks Defined by Data Bags


  • [COOK-837] - Adding a Recipe for PagerDuty integration
  • [COOK-868] - use node, not @node in template
  • [COOK-869] - corrected NRPE PID path
  • [COOK-907] - LWRP for defining NRPE checks
  • [COOK-917] - changes to mod_auth_openid module


  • [COOK-838] - Add HTTPS Option to Nagios Cookbook


  • [COOK-636] - Nagios server recipe attempts to start too soon
  • [COOK-815] - Nagios Config Changes Kill Nagios If Config Goes Bad


  • Use Chef 0.10's node.chef_environment instead of node['app_environment'].
  • source installation support on both client and server sides
  • initial RHEL/CentOS/Fedora support