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  • [COOK-2163] - Dangerous "assign-postgres-password" in "recipes/server.rb" -- Can lock out dbadmin access
  • [COOK-2390] - Recipes to auto-generate many postgresql.conf settings, following "initdb" and "pgtune"
  • [COOK-2435] - Foodcritic fixes for postgresql cookbook
  • [COOK-2476] - Installation into database of any contrib module extensions listed in a node attribute


  • [COOK-2232] -Provide PGDG yum repo to install postgresql 9.x on redhat-derived distributions


  • [COOK-2230] - Careful about Debian minor version numbers
  • [COOK-2231] - Fix support for postgresql 9.x in server_redhat recipe
  • [COOK-2238] - Postgresql recipe error in password check
  • [COOK-2176] - PostgreSQL cookbook in Solo mode can cause "NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass"
  • [COOK-2233] - Provide postgresql::contrib recipe to install useful server administration tools


  • [COOK-1872] - Allow latest PostgreSQL deb packages to be installed
  • [COOK-1961] - Postgresql config file changes with every Chef run
  • [COOK-2041] - Postgres cookbook no longer installs on OpenSuSE 11.4


  • [COOK-1406] - pg gem compile is unable to find libpq under Chef full stack (omnibus) installation


This version is backwards incompatible with previous versions of the cookbook due to use of platform_family, and the refactored configuration files using node attributes. See README.md for details on how to modify configuration of PostgreSQL.

  • [COOK-1508] - fix mixlib shellout error on SUSE
  • [COOK-1744] - Add service enable & start
  • [COOK-1779] - Don't run apt-get update and others in ruby recipe if pg is installed
  • [COOK-1871] - Attribute driven configuration files for PostgreSQL
  • [COOK-1900] - don't assume ssl on all postgresql 8.4+ installs
  • [COOK-1901] - fail a chef-solo run when the postgres password attribute is not set


Important note for this release

This version no longer installs Ruby bindings in the client recipe by default. Use the ruby recipe if you'd like the RubyGem. If you'd like packages for your distribution, use them in your application's specific cookbook/recipe, or modify the client packages attribute.

This resolves the following tickets.

  • COOK-1011
  • COOK-1534

The following issues are also resolved with this release.

  • [COOK-1011] - Don't install postgresql packages during compile phase and remove pg gem installation
  • [COOK-1224] - fix undefined variable on Debian
  • [COOK-1462] - Add attribute for specifying listen address


  • [COOK-421] - config template is malformed
  • [COOK-956] - add make package on ubuntu/debian


  • [COOK-916] - use < (with float) for version comparison.


  • Better support for Red Hat-family platforms
  • Integration with database cookbook
  • Make sure the postgres role is updated with a (secure) password