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Chef cookbook to install Etsy's StatsD daemon. Supports the new pluggable backend modules.


Depends on the cookbooks:

  • git
  • nodejs


Basic attributes

  • repo: Location of statsd repo (defaults to Etsy's).
  • log_file: Where to log output (defaults to: /var/log/statsd.log).
  • flush_interval_msecs: Flush interval in msecs (default 10000).
  • port: Port to listen for UDP stats (default 8125).

Graphite settings

  • graphite_enabled: Enable the built-in Graphite backend (default true).
  • graphite_port: Port to talk to Graphite on (default 2003).
  • graphite_host: Host name of Graphite server (default localhost).

Adding backends

Set the attribute backends to a hash of statsd NPM module backends. The hash key is the name of the NPM module, while the hash value is the version of the NPM module to install (or null for latest version).

For example, to use version 0.0.1 of statsd-librato-backend:

attrs[:statsd][:backends] = { 'statsd-librato-backend' => '0.0.1' }

To use the latest version of statsd-librato-backend:

attrs[:statsd][:backends] = { 'statsd-librato-backend' => nil }

The cookbook will install each backend module under the statsd directory and add it to the list of backends loaded in the configuration file.

Extra backend configuration

Set the attribute extra_config to any additional configuration options that should be included in the StatsD configuration file.

For example, to set your email and token for the statsd-librato-backend backend module, use the following:

    attrs[:statsd][:extra_config] => {
      'librato' => {
        'email' => '',
        'token' => '1234567890ABCDEF'