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Brofist Master Nodes Setup Guide

Please, update your brofist wallet to the latest version:

Multi-Level Master Node

Tier PEW Require MN Reward
1 1,250 PEW 6.67%
2 2,500 PEW 13.33%
3 5,000 PEW 26.67%
4 10,000 PEW 53.33%
5 20,000 PEW 66.67%
6 50,000 PEW 80.00%

Send PEW meet the tier required to your MN wallet. It needs 20-30 minutes for transaction confirmation (At least 15 confirms). You can buy PEW at :

Two Options for Setting up your Wallet

  1. One GUI wallet control multiple masternodes on VPS. I recommended this option if you are consolidating wallets

  2. Install masternode on GUI Wallet You need to open the wallet 24/7, and static IPV4.

LINUX Setup Guide

1. Steps to Create a New Sudo User

You can skip this step, if you already have user account.

  1. Log in to your VPS server as the root user.
  2. Use the adduser command to add a new user to your system.
  3. Use the usermod command to add the user to the sudo group.
  4. Close the terminal and re-login with your new username.

(You can replace brofist with the username that you want to create.)

adduser brofist
usermod -aG sudo brofist

2. Prepare the environment for runnning the Brofist wallet

Login with your brofist username. Please run theses command line by line.

sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get upgrade 
sudo apt-get install git automake build-essential libtool autotools-dev autoconf pkg-config nano software-properties-common
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libboost-all-dev libevent-dev 
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev sudo libminiupnpc-dev libzmq3-dev

3. Download and Setup the Brofist Core Masternode.

Download the latest file "brofistmaster_ubuntu.x.x.tar.gz" Example commands:

tar -xvf brofist_ubuntu1604_1.0.2.13.tar.gz
sudo cp linux/b* /usr/bin 

Master Node Setup Guide

  1. Install new wallet.

You must install one Brofist wallet on each VPS.
Each Brofist masternode needs an unique IP address. There are 2 options: 1) brofist-qt (GUI) or 2) brofistd (Daemon No-GUI control via RPC)

1.1 For Windows (recommend to use brofist-qt)

1.2 For Linux (recommend to use brofistd and brofist-cli )

  • start the wallet daemon with command:
  brofistd -daemon

and wait until the wallet synce.

  • You can view information of this wallet with the command:
  brofist-cli getinfo 

1.3 Generate new Brofist wallet address with command:

  brofist-cli getnewaddress master  

Copy the resulting wallet address

  1. Goto your main wallet and send the PEW coin to new wallet address in step 1.3

Please see the above table for the requirement PEW for each masternode level.

You needs to wait 20-30 minutes for transaction confirmation (At least 15 confirms).

You can buy PEW at :

  1. Back to your VPS console.
  • Check for valid masternode output collateral.
  brofist-cli masternode outputs  

If your wallet ready to be the masternode, it will return the transaction no output. For example

  "0eeb81a0ad6b67136e868f6a7820dfc922e9fc1edfc746e0a3f080b754aca036": "1"
  1. Generate Masternode Private Key
  brofist-cli masternode genkey

You will get the result like this:

  1. Create or Edit file brofist.conf For windows, it should is in C:\Users<Your Name>\AppData\Roaming\BroFistCore

For LINUX, it should is in $HOME/.brofistcore

Example : brofist.conf


The masternodeprivkey is copied from the output of step 4.

  1. Check your public IP address.


You will see your public ip and inet addr; Both ip must be the same address. You cannot use the local ip such as 127.x.x.x, 192.168.x or 169.254.x.x .

  1. Create or Edit file masternode.conf

For windows, it should is in C:\Users<Your Name>\AppData\Roaming\BroFistCore For LINUX, it should is in $HOME/.brofistcore

masternode.conf format is a space seperated text file. Each line consisting of an alias, IP address followed by port, masternode private key, collateral output transaction id and collateral output index.

alias ipaddress:port masternode_private_key collateral_output collateral_output_index
  • ipaddress -- from step 6
  • port -- must be 11113
  • masternode_private_key -- from step 4
  • collateral_output and collateral_output_inde -- from step 3


master 7feWwZmYXdCNmYPVwCCLswnx9YBVweafDPHbTM13KMTSfaJQXEq 0eeb81a0ad6b67136e868f6a7820dfc922e9fc1edfc746e0a3f080b754aca036 1
  1. Restart the brofist daemon
 brofist-cli stop
# wait for 3 second 
 brofistd -daemon

# wait for 3 minutes
 brofist-cli masternode start-all
 brofist-cli masternode start

# check the masternode status
 brofist-cli masternode status
 brofist-cli masternode list-conf

Setting GUI wallet for control multiple masternodes on VPS.

If you have many VPS, you can control all of them with a Brofist GUI wallet.

  1. Dump the private key from your masterNode's pulic key.
  • For daemon wallet(Linux), type the command:
brofist-cli dumpprivkey [the wallet address]

Copy the resulting priviate key. You'll use it in the next step.

  • If you cannot remember the wallet address, type these commands:
brofist-cli getaccountaddress master

# or

brofist-cli masternode status

You must dump the private key from all masternode.

  1. Open your QT Wallet and go to console (from the menu select Tools => Debug Console)

Import the private key from the step above.

importprivkey [masternode_private_key_from_step1] [masternode_name] [true/false]

For example, if you have 3 masternodes, you should use these command for importing the wallet address.

importprivkey WS2zZWyakjsec4ensakkslW9epQxJFBN3HjnnB4q2s412n7HBmGrs master1 false
importprivkey Zk2zZWyakjsec4ensakksaoaklajlali1alklKaksllskiKakKKSK master2 false
importprivkey ajkjsIIKKKnajshh18skKAllsksjdnjzjklslioiwkkkakspooakw master3 true

The wallet will re-scan and you will see your available balance increase by the amount that were in the imported wallets.

  1. Config local Brofist masternode.conf 3.1 Setting your wallet option by enabling "Show Masternodes Tab". (restart wallet after save the setting)

3.1 Add the config from all remote masternode.conf to the local masternode.conf

For example, if you have three masternode. VPS1: .brofistcore/masternode.conf master 7feWwZmYXdCNmYPVwCCLswnx9YBVweafDPHbTM13KMTSfaJQXEq 0eeb81a0ad6b67136e868f6a7820dfc922e9fc1edfc746e0a3f080b754aca036 1

VPS2: .brofistcore/masternode.conf master 7faslkksllakkajjsjskjxkkajxkajouuywtuuahshAHAHGSbDY 0eef81aababbbabbbef89771662677ef9828a888283ced099188277366277315 0

VPS3: .brofistcore/masternode.conf master 7fAKksjjakksukanoooxlkkaliwolsljsjudjejshjjahhahsjd 0efabbbcbbdbea918298377d6a688177a819928837727716654a215d512c4455 1

Then, your local masternode.conf should be

master1 7feWwZmYXdCNmYPVwCCLswnx9YBVweafDPHbTM13KMTSfaJQXEq 0eeb81a0ad6b67136e868f6a7820dfc922e9fc1edfc746e0a3f080b754aca036 1
master2 7faslkksllakkajjsjskjxkkajxkajouuywtuuahshAHAHGSbDY 0eef81aababbbabbbef89771662677ef9828a888283ced099188277366277315 0
master3 7fAKksjjakksukanoooxlkkaliwolsljsjudjejshjjahhahsjd 0efabbbcbbdbea918298377d6a688177a819928837727716654a215d512c4455 1

Save masternode.conf and restart the wallet.

**Check Your Masternodes Status At **

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