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Modeemi ry website

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Modeemi ry website for the Finnish IT club based on Tampere, Finland.

Built on top of Python 3.8, Django 3.1 and PostgreSQL.


This guide assumes you have some experience in Django development.

Development environment can be easily provisioned with virtualenv:

# Provision a virtualenv
python -m venv .venv/
source .venv/bin/activate

# Install development requirements
python -m pip install --ugprade pip
python -m pip install --upgrade pip-tools
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

# Run tox QA test setup
python -m tox

# Prepare and run the development server
python migrate --noinput
python collectstatic --noinput
python runserver


Please run test suite before committing your changes:

python -m tox

If you have implemented new views or functionality, implement tests for those as well.

If you modify the views, remember to run python makemigrations before committing.

Updating versions

Python version can be upgraded by changing the Python version tag in the following locations:

  • Dockerfile
  • mypy.ini
  • pyproject.toml
  • .github/workflows/build.yml

You can update all Python package versions by updating and then running:

pip-compile -U

This compiles a new requirements.txt file with versions pinned, locking the development as well as production runtime environments.

Afterwards commit the changes and a new image will be built.

Updating the running web service

The web service Docker container is automatically built by a Dockerhub job from the master branch and a new version is deployed onto the web server periodically.

To update the project you can

  • Go get a soda and wait for 15 minutes for a cronjob to update the site.
  • Manually run sudo webupdate on the web server.