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Community Model Builder

Prep for the EPA's sustainable community model building events in 2020. Learn more and join a project at Code for Atlanta.

Starter samples and datasets for integration with the US Environmentally-Extended Input-Output (USEEIO) API.


Spring 2020 - Georgia's Sustainable Communities App Input Sessions

Fall 2020 - Code for America Sustainable Communities Hackathon


  1. Using the USEEIO API, static CSV files will be generated for demand vectors (Food System and Full System).

  2. Detailed Goods & Services Report with heatmap providing environmental impact of production choices.

  3. Maps of products and industries, distribution hubs and lists of items (recycling) collected at each hub.

Project Areas

  1. Generate CSV files with employment and industries using Census data and uszipcode - github.

  2. Expand on Python and SQLite pages to pre-processing data as CSV files for display in D3 charts. Data includes: industries, income by zcta

  3. Add D3 heatmap colors to USEEIO data on Goods & Services Report.

  1. Display Georgia Recycling data in Leaflet map layers.

  2. Display industry and demographic data on zip search and zip map.

  3. Use a JAMstack Editor to edit content on GitHub. And/or Apollo GraphQL for faster dev than REST endpoints.

  4. Highlight Smart & Mobile Communities on Leaflet map. Update Smart Georgia driving tour routes.

  5. Include weather layer using their API for Leaflet.

  6. Cross-relate industries to Exports via Harmonized System (HS Codes)

  7. Display Farm Fresh - Federal USDA location data on Leaflet map - initially merged for Aglanta.

  8. Update NAICS Industry Data data.

  9. Add cascading category toggle to Goods & Services Report.

  10. Cross-relate BEA Codes, NAICS industries (and HS Codes).

  11. Activate Firebase Hosting using Google Cloud Build and/or ERPNext (MariaDB/Python/AWS EC2).

Related Material

Sustainable Material Management - US EPA

Recycling and Resource Recovery as a Tool for Regional Economic Development - Webinar: Nov 20, 2019, 1PM

OECD - Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development - France, Nice!

Leyla Acaroglu on Life Cyle Assessment

Knoema Infographics - Data Coverage Matrix - Global models which could be reproduced locally.

World Input-Output Database (WOID)

Team Projects

Georgia Tech Data and Visual Analytics teams will have an opportunity to expand on model visualization using machine learning.

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