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# Use your environment image as base image
# Install requirements
RUN pip install Flask==0.12.2 \
flask-cors==3.0.6 \
Redis==2.10.6 \
Pillow==5.1.0 \
SimpleITK==1.1.0 \
jupyter==1.0.0 \
netron==1.7.4 \
# Make port 80 available to the world outside this container
EXPOSE 80 81 8888
# Define environment variable
ENV PYTHONPATH /usr/local:/framework/:/contrib_src/:$PYTHONPATH
# Netron fixes
# change header line in netron
RUN sed -i '1s:.*:#!/usr/bin/python:' /usr/local/bin/netron
# copy bugfix sources, fixing netron hanging on multiple requests
# this should not be necessary anymore when netron > 1.7.4 is available (which should contain the fix)
WORKDIR /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/netron
RUN curl -O
RUN curl -O
RUN curl -O
# Set the working directory to /framework
WORKDIR /framework
# Copy the framework directory contents into the container at /framework
ADD /framework /framework
# Create dir where working files go (e.g. from the webservice)
WORKDIR /working
# Switch to the dir that holds the usr sources
WORKDIR /contrib_src
# Run /data/ when the container launches
CMD ["python", ""]