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@bernhard-thiele bernhard-thiele released this Apr 10, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release


  • Uses latest version of Modelica Standard Library (v3.2.3) (#37).
  • New blocks for event clocks that generate a clock tick each time an observed input angle changed (subpackage ClockSignals.Clocks.Rotational) (#34, #36).
  • Improved engine-throttle control example using the new rotational event clocks (#32, #33).
  • Utilizing SolverMethod from the (tool-specific) ModelicaServices library (#20).
  • Improved icons.

Bug fixes:

  • Added tolerance for numeric comparisons BooleanSignals.TimeBasedSources.Pulse (#9).
  • Fixed overconstrained initial systems for several examples (#10, #11).
  • Fixed comparison against Real in BooleanSignals.TickBasedSources.Pulse (#12).
  • Fixed too slow sampling in Examples.CascadeControlledDrive (#30).

Other (minor) fixes and improvements.

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