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Proposed Shlaer-Mellor Metamodel for Executable UML by Leon Starr

Shlaer-Mellor (SM) is a well defined set of execution semantics that predates the UML (Unified Modeling Language). UML is standard graphical notation that, among others, can be used to visualze SM semantics.

The semantics are described in a book titled Executable UML: A Foundation for Model Driven Architecture.

The goal of this repository is to pull together and document (see wiki) an open source, tool-independent metamodel of the SM semantics.

I am planning to submit this to the Shlaer Mellor Commons for review later in late 2022.

Just getting started, but I have a lot of existing material to upload so you should see updates soon.

Feel free to post questions and comments in the discussions section.

I am using my flatland diagram generator to produce all of the model diagrams. For now I have both the source and pdf files under configuration management for ease of access. Later I will split off the PDFs into an unversion files directory and set up a make file so that you can build the pdfs.


A metamodel to support Executable UML based on Shlaer-Mellor semantics







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