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% File: FMILIB_Acknowledgements.txt
% Acknowledgements on the use of third party software inside for the FMILIB.
% Note: Content of this file is used verbatim in doxygen generated documentation.
\section Acknowledgements
The FMI Library utilizes contains code from third party tools and packages.
The respective copyright information and licenses are listed with URL
references to the full texts.
- \b eXPat \n
The parsing of the file modelDescription.xml is using eXpat.\n
Homepage: <> \n
MIT License: <>
- \b Minizip \n
The unziping of the FMU is performed partially by using Minizip library.\n
Homepage: <>.\n
Condition of use and distribution are the same as Zlib
- \b Zlib \n
The unziping is performed by using Zlib library called via \e minizip library.\n
Homepage: <>.\n
Zlib License: <>.
- \b C99 snprintf \n
C99 snprintf library is used to realize the snprintf functionality staying with C89
Homepage: \n
The code is free to use. See notice in the COPYING file included with the code.
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