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#3665 Fixed fmi1_xml_handle_DirectDependency to save an empty directD…

…epenency list if that was present to be able to differentiate between no dependencies (empty list given in XML) and default 'depends on all' (no information is provided in XML.
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Iakov Nakhimovski iakovn authored
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Config.cmake FMIL: Add a comment to the build script and fix a documentation mista…
FMILIB_License.txt Improved the FMIL readme file (see #2214)
FMILIB_Readme.txt 2.0.1 release preparation. updated date and version number. Add copy of license in markdown format Update for FMI Library

FMI Library

FMI Library (FMIL) is a software package written in C that enables integration of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) import in applications. FMI Library is an independent open-source implementation of the FMI open standard ( More information can be found at the FMI Library website

The FMI Library code is hosted at There is a git mirror at
Active issues are tracked at
Discussion forums for FMI Library can be found at Please report issues related to FMI Library at the forums.

Contributions are accepted under the Contributor License Agreement. For information about contributing, see here.

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