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Bundle provides facilities that let you to log different domain events that occur during your application logic execution, later you are able to query those logged events ( they are called Activities in scope of this bundle ). The point here is that later those activities can be reviewed by ordinary users to see what has been happening in the system.

Unless you need to query activities in your application logic please rely on a generic Psr's LoggerInterface interface to log your activities.


Add this dependency to your composer.json:

"modera/activity-logger-bundle": "dev-master"

Update your AppKernel class and add this:

new Modera\ActivityLoggerBundle\ModeraActivityLoggerBundle(),


To log your activities you will be using an implementation of standard Psr\Log\LoggerInterface interface which means that your application won't directly depend on this bundle but rather will rely on a generic interface that later you can switch ( say that you decided to use some default Monolog log handler ) if needed.

Bundle declares two additional interfaces - Modera\ActivityLoggerBundle\Manager\ActivityManagerInterface and Modera\ActivityLoggerBundle\Model\ActivityInterface. The former extends Psr's LoggerInterface and adds one method - "query", this method can be used to query activities. Activities returned by this method are implementations of ActivityInterface. By default the bundle provides one implementation of ActivityManagerInterface which stores activities using Doctrine ORM's EntityManager - Modera\ActivityLoggerBundle\Manager\DoctrineOrmActivityManager.


This bundle is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the bundle: Resources/meta/LICENSE


[READ-ONLY] Allows to track user actions from your code by providing Psr's LoggerInterface compatible logger.



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