SDK for developing MODE device driver on WICED-based systems.
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MODE SDK for Cypress WICED

This SDK is for anyone implementing MODE device drivers on the Cypress WICED (formerly Broadcom WICED) platform. It contains a library for the device to communicate with the MODE cloud, and a sample program that shows how the library is used in a typical use case.

Supported Hardware

This SDK is intended for the Cypress WICED Wi-Fi family of systems, including the BCM943362WCD4 and BCM943341WCD1 modules. It has been tested on the BCM943362WCD4_EVB and BCM943341WCD1_EVB evaluation boards.

SDK Dependency

This SDK works with the official WICED SDK version 3.5.2. For information about download and installing the WICED SDK, please consult Cypress's documentation.

If you want to use older WICED SDK version 3.3.1, use the WICED_3_3_1 branch.


The MODE library source code is in the lib directory. To install:

  1. Locate the directory libraries/protocols under your WICED SDK installation.
  2. Create the subdirectory Mode.
  3. Copy the content of lib into the newly created Mode directory.

The sample program is in the example directory. To install:

  1. Locate the directory apps/demo under your WICED SDK installation.
  2. Create the subdirectory mode_test.
  3. Copy the content of example into the newly created mode_test directory.

Library API

The MODE library API is exported via the mode.h header file.

Building and Running the Sample Program

To run the sample program, you are expected to have created a MODE project, created a device class and procured a device instance. If you are not familiar with these steps, consult the MODE Getting Started guide for instructions.

In your WICED IDE, add the make target demo.mode_test-BCM943362WCD4 download run (assuming you are using the BCM943362WCD4 module).

Edit the file apps/demo/mode_test/main.c. Enter the device ID and API key procured for your device. You can then build and download the program onto your hardware.

Edit the file apps/demo/mode_test/wifi_config_dct.h. Enter CLIENT_AP_SSID and CLIENT_AP_PASSPHRASE for your WiFi network.


To see the log from the device, you can use serial console. If you are using MacOSX, you can use GNU screen as follows:

$ screen -X screen /dev/cu.usbserial-142B 115200

cu.usbserial-142B may vary depending on your environment.

Copyright and License

Code and documentation copyright 2015 Mode, Inc. Released under the MIT license.