MODE Device library in NodeJS.
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MODE Device library in NodeJS.


MODE Device library in NodeJS provides a wrapper for the MODE cloud API and handles the data objects connecting Device.


You need to install Node.js to use the library. This library works with v0.10.38, v0.12 and newer version of NodeJS.


We put the library at npm package site, so you can just run the following command to install the library.

$ npm install mode-device

Or you can use package.json and add mode-device in the dependency section.

Usage Example

  var ModeDevice = require('mode-device');
  // Device information settings.
  // You have to change these params according to your device register information.
  var DEVICE_ID = 1;
  var API_KEY = 'v1.cccc.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa';
  var device = new ModeDevice(DEVICE_ID, API_KEY);
  // Send first event to Mode cloud.
  device.triggerEvent('first_event', {'eventItem': 1});

  // Set up the callback function called whenever a command is delivered.
  device.commandCallback = function(msg, flags) {
      if (msg['action'] == 'action_name') {
        var v = msg['parameters']['param0'] ? 1 : 0;
        // Do something

If you want to see more detail how to use it on micro controllers like Raspberry Pi or Intel Edison, please read our tutorials:


MODE, inc.


MODE Device library in NodeJS is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.