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module mod_io
! A helper module for parsing stock price data in csv format.
use mod_alloc, only: alloc
implicit none
public :: read_stock, write_stock
integer function num_records(filename)
! Return the number of records (lines) of a text file.
character(len=*), intent(in) :: filename
integer :: fileunit
open(newunit=fileunit, file=filename)
num_records = 0
read(unit=fileunit, fmt=*, end=1)
num_records = num_records + 1
end do
1 continue
end function num_records
subroutine read_stock(filename, time, open, high, low, close, adjclose, volume)
! Read daily stock prices from a csv file.
character(len=*), intent(in) :: filename
character(len=:), allocatable, intent(in out) :: time(:)
real, allocatable, intent(in out) :: open(:), high(:), low(:),&
close(:), adjclose(:), volume(:)
integer :: fileunit, n, nm
nm = num_records(filename) - 1
if (allocated(time)) deallocate(time)
allocate(character(len=10) :: time(nm))
call alloc(open, nm)
call alloc(high, nm)
call alloc(low, nm)
call alloc(close, nm)
call alloc(adjclose, nm)
call alloc(volume, nm)
open(newunit=fileunit, file=filename)
read(fileunit, fmt=*, end=1)
do n = 1, nm
read(fileunit, fmt=*, end=1) time(n), open(n),&
high(n), low(n), close(n), adjclose(n), volume(n)
end do
1 close(fileunit)
end subroutine read_stock
subroutine write_stock(filename, time, price, mvavg, mvstd)
! Write derived stock data to file.
character(len=*), intent(in) :: filename
character(len=:), allocatable, intent(in) :: time(:)
real, intent(in) :: price(:), mvavg(:), mvstd(:)
integer :: fileunit, n
open(newunit=fileunit, file=filename)
do n = 1, size(time)
write(fileunit, fmt=*) time(n), price(n), mvavg(n), mvstd(n)
end do
end subroutine write_stock
end module mod_io