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program stock_crossover
use mod_arrays, only: crossneg, crosspos, reverse
use mod_io, only: read_stock
implicit none
character(len=4), allocatable :: symbols(:)
character(len=:), allocatable :: time(:)
real, allocatable :: open(:), high(:), low(:), close(:), adjclose(:), volume(:)
integer :: fileunit, i, im, n
integer, allocatable :: buy(:), sell(:)
symbols = ['AAPL', 'AMZN', 'CRAY', 'CSCO', 'HPQ ',&
'IBM ', 'INTC', 'MSFT', 'NVDA', 'ORCL']
do n = 1, size(symbols)
print *, 'Processing moving average crossover for ' // symbols(n)
call read_stock('data/' // trim(symbols(n)) // '.csv', time,&
open, high, low, close, adjclose, volume)
time = time(size(time):1:-1)
adjclose = reverse(adjclose)
buy = crosspos(adjclose, 30)
sell = crossneg(adjclose, 30)
open(newunit=fileunit, file=trim(symbols(n)) // '_crossover.txt')
do i = 1, size(buy)
write(fileunit, fmt=*) 'Buy ', time(buy(i))
end do
do i = 1, size(sell)
write(fileunit, fmt=*) 'Sell ', time(sell(i))
end do
end do
end program stock_crossover