A jQuery plugin for generating a draggable 360 preview from an image sequence.
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Version: 0.1.2

A jQuery plugin for generating a draggable 360 preview from an image sequence.


Include the latest jQuery and assets/js/jquery.threesixty.js in your HTML page.


<div class="threesixty" data-path="assets/img/src/gem{index}.jpg" data-count="61"></div>

The data-path attribute assets/img/src/gem{index}.jpg is the path to the image sequence. The index being used to grab the images is 0-based and 1-digit. The data-count attribute is the number of images.


        dragDirection: 'horizontal',
        useKeys: false
  • dragDirection : horizontal || vertical, horizontal is default.
  • useKeys : true || false, false is default
  • draggable : true || false, true is default


javascript $('.threesixty').nextFrame();

Step to the next frame.


Step to the previous frame.


javascript $('.threesixty').on('down', function(){ // when user starts to drag }); $('.threesixty').on('move', function(){ // as user is dragging }); $('.threesixty').on('up', function(){ // when user finishes dragging});

## To Do

* ~~Add mouse-wheel functionality as an option (default:off)~~ (not doing this, users should control this outside of plugin using nextFrame/prevFrame)
* ~~Add arrow key functionality as an option (default:off)~~
* ~~Expose nextFrame() & prevFrame() methods, allowing users to connect UI controls~~
* build flick/toss physics (can this be done smoothly?)
* ~~add touch/swipe support~~

## In the Wild

* [Example Site](http://nick-jonas.github.com/threesixtyjs)

## Credits

* [Will Adams](https://github.com/willistherage) for the example 3D image sequence.
* [Tom Genoni](https://github.com/tomgenoni) for the [preloader](https://github.com/tomgenoni/ouroboros).