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commit 7d0f3da409db04c52697ed72331ecb87180aaa57 1 parent d51bfaa
@moderndevice authored
5 Freeduino_USB_Host_Board/FreeduinoHostBoardDemo01/FreeduinoHostBoardDemo01.ino
@@ -1,8 +1,5 @@
/* FreeduinoHostBoardDemoV01.pde
-* demo sketch for the Modern Device FreeduinoHostBoard
-* This is an early beta demo sketch and we'll get this into better shape in the
-* near future.
+* demo sketch for the Modern Device Freeduino USB Host Board
* This sketch works with Google's Android ADK app
* with code from Google &
0  Freeduino_USB_Host_Board/README → Freeduino_USB_Host_Board/README.txt
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