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Welcome to the GitHub repository page for Statistical Inference via Data Science: A ModernDive into R and the Tidyverse available at You can purchase the CRC Press print edition on their website using promo code ASA18 for a discounted price.

Contents of this Repository

ModernDive is built using RStudio's bookdown package; for more information on how to use bookdown see If you'd like to build the book on your own, please make sure to first install the bookdown package via install.packages("bookdown").

  • The bookdown source code for the current version of the book is in the master branch of this repo.
  • The bookdown source code for all previously released versions of ModernDive is accessible on the Releases page. A summary of all changes between versions can be found in
  • The contents of are deployed via Netlify from the gh-pages branch of this repo.

We are also slowly working on a future version of ModernDive:

  • The bookdown source code for the future version of the book is in the v2 branch of this repo.
  • A preview of the future version is available at

More Information