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Almost at v1.0.0 = CRC Press published version

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@rudeboybert rudeboybert released this 08 Aug 00:08
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ModernDive 0.6.0

We're only a few cosmetic edits away from v1.0.0, which will correspond to our print edition with CRC Press!

Done first pass of infer chapters

Completed major re-organization and clean-up of Chapters 9-11 using the infer package for "tidy and transparent" statistcal inference.

  • Chapter 9: Bootstrapping & confidence intervals
    • Tactile exercise of sampling 50 pennies from bank and resampling from this sample.
    • Added sections on
      1. "Interpreting confidence intervals", in particular determinants of CI width.
      2. "Theory-based confidence intervals" using formula for SE of p-hat, thereby bridging gap between simulation and theory-based methods.
  • Chapter 10: Hypothesis testing
    • Added promotions example on gender discrimination in promotions at a bank. Data source: openintro::gender.discrimination
    • Added section on "Theory-based hypothesis tests" using t-test, thereby bridging gap between simulation and theory-based methods.
  • Chapter 11: Inference for regression.
    • Discussion on LINE conditions for inference. In particular using moderndive::get_regression_points() wrapper function to broom::augment() so that novices can do their own residual analyses.

Other changes

  • Chapter 7: Multiple regression
    • Added Section 7.3.1 on model selection: choosing between "interaction" and "parallel slopes" models
  • Chapter 8: Sampling
    • Added Section 8.5.3 with more in-depth discussion of normal distribution
  • Chapter 12: Renamed to "Tell your story with data"