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garnrechner is a set of small python scripts aimed at spinners, cardweavers and knitters. Basically just some trivial math, and I am doing this to learn some python basics and put them to a fun use. A tool for math-lazy people like me who want to automate calculations and dislike Excel.

Core features

  • yarn length calculator: It calculates yarn lengths from known weights (if skein a weighs 30g and has a length of x meters, how many meters are in skein b that weighs 110g?) and vice versa.
  • yarn substution helper: Let's suppose the pattern says you need x skeins of yarn a (and doesn't provide you with a total length). You want to substitute yarn b for it. (For simplicity's sake we suppose yarn is about the same weight and gives the same gauge.) Yarn length per skein differs (and you know the meterage of each skein). What is the number of skeins of yarn b = y?
  • Weavers' Yarn Calculator: helps to determine how many skeins of yarn are needed for a project (i.e. the warp; I've not yet come across a method to calculate the weft of a cardweaving project).
  • Warp Length Calculator: A script to calculate the needed length of warp for a given length of ribbon.
  • other features (e.g. gauge calculations based on swatches, increase/decrease calculation) to be added later.


a small python tool for yarn calculations



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