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a template for my personal songbook
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A collections of lilypond templates for singer/songwriter uses. This should not replace the templates in the lilypond documentation or the snippets given there; it aims to collect all the pieces I hack together & want to keep for future use in one place.

I will primarily focus on leadsheets of the rock/jazz type, since more classical forms like SATB choir arrangement are already given in the lilypond documentation.


  • heavy use of variables to
    • make modular composition easier,
    • make code more structured
    • reduce typing/copy-paste work
  • (planned) book context to string it all together
  • leadsheet template for melody, text (several verses) and chords
  • leadsheet for melody, text, chords and separate verses 2-n
  • leadsheets for 2- and 3-part songs with chords
  • should I make a template with fretboard diagrams?
  • song arrangements with written guitar parts, e.g. for explaining fingerpicking patterns, riffs or rhythm patterns
  • (planned, but very low priority, since I don't use it much) guitar tabulature incorporated in templates with written guitar parts
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