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Revision history for Perl extension Nmap::Parser.
Latest version:
Changes for 1.21
- Added support for hostscript and script tags
- Changed ipv4_sort() to use a 10x faster sort method
Changes for 1.20
- Solved Issue 2: Host-specific start_time and end_time.
- Applied Patch provided by briandlong on retrieving start_time and end_time attributes for host.
- Solved Issue 6: _del_port not removing port 0.
- Thomas Equeter submitted patch to support traceroute in nmap output.
Changes for 1.19
- Added enhancement request by stevekatieterabyte for tcp_del_port and udp_del_port
(Thanks!). Modified the patch to work with a list of ports.
- Added Robin Bowes' modification of nmap2sqlite as nmap2db to support MySQL (Thanks!)
Changes for 1.16
- Fixed minor bug in scanner.t where the number of tests to skip when nmap was not found was incorrect.
- Repackaged to remove all the ._* files from the package.
- Fixed POD errors and added more documentation
Changes for 1.14
- Added cache_scan() to save the output of a parsescan() to a file before parsing.
- Added new tests for servicefp fingerpriting and cache_scan().
- Ran PerlTidy against module and other tools
- Updated documentation
Changes for 1.13
- Added fingerprint() to Service object (thanks jpomiane)
- Added documentation.
Changes for 1.12
- Added references to Google Code Project page.
Changes for 1.11
- Added parsing of distance information.
- Fixed bug #1671876 on tcp_service() always returning null
- Added ignoring of taskend,taskbegin and taskprogress information.
- Added tests for nmap 4.20.
- Changed lisence to MIT.
- Points to new website
Changes for 1.06
- Added patch for new OS fingerprint (Thanks Okan Demirmen)
- New os_fingerprint() method for Nmap::Parser::Host::OS
- Updated documentation
- Updated to also read xml files (good for debugging)
Changes for 1.05
- Major speed improvements (less compile time)
- Major reduction in unwanted memory usage
- Redundant functions (or less used functions) are now created
dynamically. (AUTOLOAD)
- Documentation fixes
Changes for 1.00
- To see the changes, please read over the new documentation
- Internal code is much (MUCH) cleaner and readable
- removed 'ducttape' fixes and made stable & roubust changes
- improved performance, removed unwanted code (legacy)
- complete overhaul of internal code - new Framework
- support for IPv6 addresses
- data overwrite (overflow) protection
- better support for multiple instances
- fixed some minor bugs
- process owner information obtained
- all OS accuracy information obtained
- some functions now take new parameters (more concise)
- some functions renamed for clarity
- new shortcut functions (for doing repetitive tasks easier)
- Removed parsing filters (finally)
- All indexes now start at 0 (not at 1).
- Removed internal OS generic matching function since this is given by
nmap now in the osclass tags
- Removed the use of constants for indexes
- Nmap::Parser::Host::Service object
provides OO interface to service information for a given port
- Nmap::Parser::Host::OS object
provides OO interface to OS signature information for a given host
- Nmap::Parser::Session replaces old Nmap::Parser::ScanInfo package
- Nmap2SQLite security script included
- removed old security tools
- rewrote (from
- rewrote old tools to fit new framework
- Fully updated documentation
Changes for 0.80
- Support for multiple instances of Nmap::Parser objects without overwriting data
- All data (except filters) is are localized per object
- The use of Storable (dclone) to correctly make duplicate of data structured
- When filters are used to skip portinfo, all ports return state of 'closed'.
- Nmap::Parser::XML no longer supported in distribution
(you should change all calls to Nmap::Parser::XML to Nmap::Parser)
Changes for 0.79
- fixed ports that were declared as 'open|filtered'
these now are counted as both 'open' and 'filtered'
when using tcp_ports() and udp_ports().
- sent a patch for XML::Twig in order to fix. It is now released in
XML:Twig 3.16
- added start_str() and time_str() : they return the human readable format
of the scan start time and scan finish time (respectively).
- updated for Nmap 3.81
- documentation changes
Changes for 0.78
- updated documentation - now included tcp/udp service product
- added new methods for new nmap command switch (-A)
mac_addr, mac_vendor, ipv4_addr
- verified xml format is still valid for nmap 3.55
Changes for 0.77
- updated documentation
- added patches from Jeremy S.
- tcp_service and udp_service tunnel, accuracy, confidence
- os_accuracy method implemented
- added ident/owner information
Changes for 0.76
- new module name: Nmap::Parser
- leagcy file still ok to use for now: Nmap::Parser::XML
- fixed problem using 'our' with older versions of perl
- updated requirement for oldest usable version of XML::Twig => 3.11
- you can extract owner information from running -I scanning
tcp_service_owner and udp_service_owner
Changes for 0.74
- fixed ip address input bug
- updated example scripts
- fixed nmap not found bug
- updated authorship informatin
- raised verbose level to 2 in example scripts (help pages)
- test script 4_scanner does not test. If nmap not installed
it skips all tests.
- updated tests
- some example scripts read IP addresses from file
- placed sourceforge image link on documentation
- status_check is now called sweep
- outputs active IP's to a file with a new command line switch
- is renamed to
- get_host_list,filter_by_osfamily, filter_by_status returns IP
addresses in sorted IP order. ( uses sort_ips() )
- sort_ips is a new function which will take a series of IPs and sort
them correctly by comparing each quad in the address to each
- example scripts use --randomize_hosts to be more stealthy
- updated information on some example scripts because they require
nmap 3.50+ for the version scanning.
- updated parser tests, to check for sorted ip order
Changes for 0.73
- removed safe_* functions and placed them in the actual parsing
functions. (I don't think they were never used.
- updated BUG REPORT information
Changes for 0.72
- removed IGNORE_ADDPORTS constant
- added contribution from Sebastian: nmap2csv.
- edited the links to the sourceforge project site.
- added parsescan() function to peroform quick nmap scans
and parsing.
- added more documentation
- fixed some example scripts
- added more tests for the new functionality
Changes for 0.71
- fixed a small bug in the installation under MSWin32 (PM_FILTER) which
caused all tests to fail. (It was removing things that weren't comments.
Changes for 0.70
- updated changes from 0.69
- updated documentation
- fixed documentation bug of all the example scripts
- updated examples script: they are more robust. Can either take
the example file as input, or actually run scans.
Changes for 0.69
- new utility script :
- added EXAMPLES seciton in documentation
- parses new 'version', 'extrainfo', and 'product'
att from service tag (3.40+)
- added *_service_version to *::Host
- added xml_version to *::ScanInfo
- more error prevention mechanisms
- added os_osfamily, os_gen, os_vendor, os_type added
- added OSINFO filter
- ::ScanInfo::scan_types does not return number of scan types in scalar
format. It will always return an array containing the scan
- osfamily does not return the actual string (comma delimited), it always
returns an array of os matches.
- DEPRECATED: tcpsequence, ipidsequence, tcptssequence
now use:
tcpsequence_class, tcpsequence_values, tcpsequence_index
ipidsequence_class, ipidsequence_values
tcptssequence_class, tcptssequence_values
Changes for 0.68
- Licensing changes, now under GPL
- added signatures for wireless access points (wap)
- added os_match shortcut function
- Problem with Makefile.PL, didn't pass correct dependencies.
- tcp_port_state() and udp_port_state() return the state of the port
when passed a port number.
- Sorted port order when using tcp_ports and udp_ports
- extraports tag parsing. It is also set up as a filter 'extraports'
filtering. Added extraports_state and extraports_count to
Nmap::Parser::Host class.
- Added and fix some documentation
- tcp_ports and udp_ports can take a parameter to filter what port list
you wish to receive. It selects states based on port content
state tag: filtered, closed, or open
- previous versions (0.64 or earlier) of the parser, no arguments
to tcp_ports and udp_ports would return the whole hashref of all the
ports, this is now deprecated. Use the newly created functions
tcp_service_name, tcp_service_proto, tcp_service_rpcnum,
udp_service_name, udp_service_proto, and udp_service_rpcnum.
- changed default filter for solaris to include 'sun' and not 'sunos'
- more example scripts
- no more wantarray usage for tcp_ports and udp_ports
- more test cases
Changes for 0.66
- added short-cut function hostname() to return first hostname
- added preliminary callback functionality (for registering events).
This includes register_host_callback, and reset_host_callback
- tcp_ports and udp_ports do not return hashref of all ports, only if
passed a port number as an argument.The argument must be a port
number. They default to returning an array of port numbers.
- added short-cuts tcp_ports_count and udp_ports_count functions
- added tcp_service_proto and udp_service_proto
- added tcp_service_rpcnum and udp_service_rpcnum
- POD fixes.
- speed improvements
Changes for 0.64
- nmaprun filter bug fixed
- important documentation changes
Changes for 0.63
- added vendor to os_class
- fixed division by zero on one of the efficiency test.
- it now checks to make sure Time::HiRes is installed before
performing tests.
- minor warning problems removed on Win32 systems.
Changes for 0.62
- stable release with all new changes.
Changes for 0.6_4
- changes to parse filter tags. All previously called PARSE_* have
the PARSE_ removed from them. Ex: PARSE_OSFAMILY is now
- osclass tag added.
- a bug found with the sequences is fixed
- making use of ignore_elts to save when creating objects
- parse_filters completly excludes tags that you decide not to parse.
Much faster parsing and memory usage efficiency. efficiency.t
tests this benchmark to make sure that the twig parser does not
do any work it doesn't have to.
- permanently excluding some static tags using ignore_elts.
- added SCANINFO filter.
Changes for 0.60_3
- os_port_used, now can return the open or closed port used in OS
detection depending on the given parameter.
Changes for 0.60_2
- Bug #2968:
fixed bogus 'use 5.008' in Makefile.PL (runs on 5.6 also)
instead using 5.004
fixed minor warnings when compiling with -w
added 'use warnings' to _methods test
Changes for 0.60_1
- fixed a bug with the test script (finding test file)
- made a separate test to test the actual method existance
- portability when running the tests using File::Spec.
Changed for 0.60
- better memory management using twig_roots
- some bugs with output types and filters
- generic_os and all references are now refereed to as 'osfamily'
I thought it better resembles what it stands for.
- fixed some documentation problems
- parse_filter_* have been replaced with parse_filters(), which
can enable multiple different filters through a hashref.
Filters available:
- added parse information of
tcpsequence, ipidsequence, tcptssequence
- additions to Nmap::Parser::Host methods
tcpsequence, ipidsequence, tcptssequence
Changes for 0.50
- faster loading module
- added more documentation
- minor speed improvements
- added methods to Nmap::Parser
parse_filter_generic_os($bool) (see doc)
- renamed only_active() to parse_filter_status($bool) (see doc)
- Nmap::Parser::Host
changed hostnames() to take a value a number (see doc)
changed os_matches() to take a value a number (see doc)
Changes for 0.40
- added new package called ScanInfo (Nmap::Parser::ScanInfo
this contains methods that make it easier to access the
scan information
- added new package called Host (Nmap::Parser::Host),
which makes it easier to access values for each of the
hosts found. See documentation.
Host trees are now full of these *::Host objects.
- fixed minor bugs with parsing the xml files.
- some memory usage improvments.
Copyright (C) 2003-2005 Anthony G Persaud L<>
MIT License
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
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