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Files used to build a docker environment with the goal of creating and publishing a static website using the WordPress CMS.
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Wordpress as CMS for Static Content

This project is started with a general premise that most organizations needs for websites align with a serverless architecture approach. It is the intent of this project to provide the building blocks to for organizations to use this approach to build a secure and stable website.

Content Management System

Wordpress very nice Content Management System [CMS], which easily creates a website. The disadvantages to running WordPress for an Organizations website are:

  • The cost of hosting a dynamic server(s).
  • Wordpress being dynamic is a history of security exploits.

This project intends to solve these problems by providing the Wordpress CMS as a docker container you run locally to generate the website and publish it to S3.

Build a Container

To build a new copy of the container after modifying code simply run docker build. --tag $new_container_name

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