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v.0.6.0 Release

@modery modery released this
· 58 commits to main since this release
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This release took a bit longer to be published as it contains some bigger updates that required more review and testing. Here's what's in it:

  • The generated graphs now use a better top to bottom layout. Previously, while the layout was mostly working topdown, sometimes nodes/containers were added to the right of others, even resulting in some "zig-zag" flows. Now, the generated graphs avoid this and show the proper flow of the Flow from the top down to the bottom without jumping left and right
  • The number of connections and the number of actions are now shown in the generated documentation
  • Previously, variables were shown in a simple list. Now, more details are shown per variable, including where in the Flow they are used! If you have a large Flow and want to see where a specific variable gets used, this is where you can find a list of those actions
  • Tables are now using full document width! Previously, they used whichever width was required for their content.
  • Actions now include a section on any conditions for the subsequent action(s). For example, you may configure a specific action only to run if the previous action Failed. This is now shown in the documentation for the previous action
  • Some general improvements for the generated Word documentation to enhance compatibility with Word Online. Sometimes documents couldn't get opened or edited online, sometimes the Tables didn't show properly (see e.g. #22). This should now hopefully be a thing of the past, as the generated document is now more stable

You can see a small presentation with visual details of the improvements and updates on my LinkedIn post: