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Add coverage threshold checking #52

dkubb opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I would like to use istanbul's check-coverage feature, but I think it requires the presence of the coverage.json file. It looks like teabag creates it in a temp directory, which is cleaned up after the coverage report is generated.

Would you accept a patch to copy this file into the coverage/ directory after the report is generated? I believe this should allow me to then run istanbul check-coverage <options> to do things like checking that thresholds were not exceeded.


Yes, we would.


Thanks for your other pull request.. I'll try and get to fixing the build this weekend and get the pull requests merged in.


The build is fixed. Are you planning on doing this?


@jejacks0n it probably won't be right away. I made a note in our project tracker to revisit this in a later sprint (for us), assuming someone hasn't beat me to it.


I'd love this feature as well.


This is in now btw. Thanks to @trevmex.

@jejacks0n jejacks0n closed this
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