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jQuery Plug-in for SOHA - Service Oriented HTML Application, also for client side Web App Common Tasks
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A jQuery Plugin for Service Oriented HTML Application, and Web App Common Tasks.


      git clone


      "jquery" : ">=1.9.0",
      "underscore": ">=1.4.2"

Main Features

Extended Ajax for page content and service integration

  • Ajax Content: dynamic loading/assembling page content

      $.soha.loadContentHTML : function (containerID, htmlURL, onResult)
  • Ajax Content and templating: dynamically loading data driven (json) content, depends on underscore's template to generate final output

      $.soha.loadTemplateNData : function (jsonURL, templateURL, onResult)
  • Ajax with httpMethodOverride and response/error parsering

      $.soha.postJson : function (postURL, jsDataObj, onSuccess, onError, httpMethodOverride)
  • Dynamically loading page script

      $.soha.loadPageScript : function(jsUrl, onSuccess, onError)
  • Dynamically loading page CSS

      $.soha.loadPageCSS : function (cssUrl, noVerInfo)

HTML5 Session Storage

  • Create string value to session storage with key

      $.soha.setSessionStorageItem : function(key, strVal)
  • Read string value from session storage by key

      $.soha.getSessionStorageItem : function(key)
  • Delete string value from session storage by key

      $.soha.clearSessionStorageItem : function(key)

URL Parser

  • Return an object hash for query string name-value pairs or null if no query string in current url

      $.soha.getQueryString : function ()
  • Return hash string, handling query string in url as well

      $.soha.getHashString : function()
  • Return current url's path (without host), handles default path for home path

      $.soha.getPathName: function()
  • Return current page name base on url path, handles default page for index.html

      $.soha.getPageName: function()


  • Detect user's browser's cookie without depending on other plugins

      $.soha.isCookieEnabled : function ()
      //In lib/css/jquery.sohabase.css:
  #contentContainer:before {
         content: "You don't have browser cookie enabled. In order to view our website, enable Cookie in your browser settings and then refresh this page.";
  • CSS based JavaScript detector, see lib/css/jquery.sohabase.css for details #contentContainer:before, #contentContainer:before, .errorMsgBox {
         content: "You don't have JavaScript enabled. In order to view our website, enable JavaScript in your browser settings and then refresh this page.";
         display: block;
         border: solid 2px red;
         padding: 10px;
         margin: 10px;
         color: maroon;
         font-size: 1.2em;
         background-color: #ffffe0;
         -moz-border-radius: 10px;
         -webkit-border-radius: 10px;
         border-radius: 10px;

Warn the User Before Navigate

  • Call with docFirty to be true to warn user when navigate away from current page or shutting down browser

      $.soha.setDirtyFlag : function (docDirty)
  • Default event handler when user navigate away

      $.soha.confirmExit : function ()
  • Refresh current page regardless docDirty flag

      $.soha.refreshContent : function ()
  • Navigate to new url with full control of url and docDirty flag

      $.soha.navigate : function(newURL)

More Info

Sample App

Web App Common Tasks by jQuery

SOHA - Service Oriented HTML Application (Concepts and Principles)

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