a game about digging holes
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begin with an enthusiastic !strike

this is the engine for a text-based mining sim, with a front-end implemented for irc.

inspiration for this experience came from tilde.town, who, along with friends on freenode, have provided excellent feedback and patience through rocky livetesting.

this repository contains spoilers!

it goes without saying that all game secrets are visible in this codebase, including flavortext, game formulas, progression, etc. if you are interested in a clean game experience, please consider not looking at any of the code here!

as of october 2017

the current flagship instance is running in ##txtmines on irc.freenode.net; if you have an account at tilde.town, you can also find it in #bots. it's more or less stable, but since i'm vaguely working on this again, things may break regularly.


if you find bugs/strange behavior, please feel free to open an issue or hit me up in IRC. i'm currently not super keen on unsolicited PRs on this codebase, as i'm in the middle of a fairly substantial overhaul and have a hard time staying focused if i'm worrying about PRs.

i've written up guidelines for contributions to this project; please keep those in mind if you don't already have an established feedback relationship with me!