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Modin's SQL API is currently a conceptual plan, Coming Soon!

Plans for future development

Our plans with the SQL API for Modin are to create an interface that allows you to intermix SQL and pandas operations without copying the entire dataset into a new structure between the two. This is possible due to the architecture of Modin. Currently, Modin has a query compiler that acts as an intermediate layer between the query language (e.g. SQL, pandas) and the execution (See architecture documentation for details).

We have implemented a simple example that can be found below. Feedback welcome!

>>> import modin.sql as sql
>>> conn = sql.connect("db_name")
>>> c = conn.cursor()
>>> c.execute("CREATE TABLE example (col1, col2, column 3, col4)")
>>> c.execute("INSERT INTO example VALUES ('1', 2.0, 'A String of information', True)")
  col1  col2                 column 3  col4
0    1   2.0  A String of information  True

>>> c.execute("INSERT INTO example VALUES ('6', 17.0, 'A String of different information', False)")
  col1  col2                           column 3   col4
0    1   2.0            A String of information   True
1    6  17.0  A String of different information  False