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This directory contains the dependencies needed to build for Windows. If you want to integrate into your game please refer to the SDK overview, you don't need to build in order to use it on your game you can use our binary release instead. uses Curl and Zlib as external libraries. Both are present on Mac OS by default and can be downloaded from the most common repositories on Linux. We ship Windows version of both libraries under this directory so you can build right away using our Building guide. The following is a guide to build Curl and Zlib from source using both VisualC++ and MinGW compilers.


Before you start, please download the source at the official Zlib website.


By default, Zlib will be compiled on debug mode, usually you will want to compile it on release mode so you don't get a couple of warnings every time you use it later on. To do so, edit the min32/Makefile.msc file by replacing the -debug flag with -release and remove all the -Zi flags. Once you have done this you will be ready for building.

In order to compile the NMake version we need to execute the Makefile.msc under the win32 directory:

> nmake /f win32/Makefile.msc

This will generate the zlib.lib file. It will be compatible with x86 or x64 depending on the Microsoft native compiler you used.


MinGW does not need extra setup, just execute the Makefile.gcc under the win32 directory.

> mingw32-make.exe -fwin32/Makefile.gcc

This will generate the libz.a file ready to be statically linked.


Before you start, please download the source at the official Curl website.


In addition to running the commands in the correspoinding x86 or x64 version of the Microsoft native compiler, you have to explicitly setup the target machine.

# Compiling x86 version
> nmake /f ENABLE_WINSSL=yes mode=static MACHINE=x86 VC=17
# Compiling x64 version
> nmake /f ENABLE_WINSSL=yes mode=static MACHINE=x64 VC=17

This will generate the libcurl_a.lib file ready to be statically linked.


> mingw32-make mingw32

This will generate the libcurl.a file ready to be statically linked. Curl will depend on the following libraries: libcrypto, libeay and libssl. They should be part of the MinGW default lib directory. In case they are not present, you can grab them from the MinGW/ directory.

Building MinGW dependencies

Curl depends on OpenSSL for making https requests. It's usually already shipped by the compilers, but it's not the case for some MinGW versions. You can download it from the official site and build it by running the following commands.

> perl Configure mingw --prefix=/c/openssl
> make depend
> make
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