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Mod states

Ahmed Castro edited this page Nov 8, 2018 · 7 revisions
Name Value Description
MODIO_MOD_UNDEFINED 0 An error occurred. Review the logs for details.
MODIO_MOD_NOT_INSTALLED 1 The mod is not installed locally and not being downloaded.
MODIO_MOD_QUEUED 2 The mod is on the download queue.
MODIO_MOD_STARTING_DOWNLOAD 3 The mod download just started.
MODIO_MOD_DOWNLOADING 4 The mod is being downloaded.
MODIO_MOD_PAUSING 5 The mod download is being paused.
MODIO_MOD_PAUSED 6 The mod download is paused.
MODIO_MOD_INSTALLED 7 The mod is installed locally.
MODIO_PRIORITIZING_OTHER_DOWNLOAD 8 The mod is currently waiting for the current download to pause in order to get prioritized.
MODIO_MOD_STARTING_UPLOAD 9 The mod upload just started.
MODIO_MOD_UPLOADING 10 The mod is currently being uploaded.


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