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Welcome to the UNITY wiki. This wiki explains how to integrate and use UNITY into a game or modding tool. UNITY simplifies integration by providing a native c# library built on the Unity Engine that manages downloads, wraps API calls, and provides a simple caching utility. Should the game or modding tool in development require functionality beyond what modio UNITY provides, the API Documentation provides a complete reference on how to use interact with the API directly.

Getting Started

Download Latest UNITY Release

Download the latest UNITY release from the GitHub release page and place it in "Assets/Plugins/". Additionally, UNITY requires the following libraries to facilitate the conversion of API JSON objects into their C# representation, and the zipping and unzipping of data:

Create a Game Profile

In order to establish a connection between the game or app in development, and the API, a game profile must be created via the web interface. This game profile can be either created on the test environment at or on the production environment at For differences between the two, see Test Environment vs. Production Environment below.

Test Environment vs. Production Environment offers two different environments: testing and live. Testing is located at and has a corresponding API accessible via On the test environment, each game profile is hidden from public view and only accessible by accounts marked as developers of that game; it provides a sandbox to prepare and test integration before publishing to the production environment. Publishing to the production environment is recommended once the integration of has been tested in game or in app and is ready for public consumption. Please note that the Game ID and the Game API Key assigned to a game profile on the production environment will differ from the one on the test environment, as the game profiles on the test environment and the production environment are unique and not linked in any way.

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