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Gunnar Morling edited this page Oct 31, 2017 · 4 revisions

The ModiTect project aims at providing productivity tools for working with the Java 9 module system ("Jigsaw").

Currently the following tasks are supported:

  • Generating descriptors for given artifacts (Maven dependencies or local JAR files)
  • Adding module descriptors to your project's JAR as well as existing JAR files (dependencies)
  • Creating module runtime images

Compared to authoring module descriptors by hand, using ModiTect saves you work by defining dependence clauses based on your project's dependencies, describing exported and opened packages with patterns (instead of listing all packages separately), auto-detecting service usages and more. You also can use ModiTect to add a module descriptor to your project JAR while staying on Java 8 with your own build.

In future versions functionality may be added to work with other tools like jmod etc. under Maven and other dependency management tools in a comfortable manner.

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