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Modern Workflow Tooling For Web
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Stopped developping on modjs and switched to chajs


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Mod.js is a task-based workflow tooling for web, it helps developers quickly build robust and high-performance HTML5 applications.

Why Mod.js?

  • Focus on the workflow of web development
  • Much built-in tasks, most pleasant out-of-the-box experience
    • Built-in source minify: JS, CSS, HTML
    • Built-in modular JS compile: AMD, CMD (will support ES6 Module, CommonJS Module soon)
    • Built-in CSS @import file combination
    • Built-in source stripping, automatically remove debugging code
    • Built-in basic file operation: cat, rm, mv, mkdir, cp, rev
    • Built-in file watcher, trigger custom tasks when file change
  • More simplicity plugin mechanism, auto-install plugins
  • Configuration less(even zero), do more
    • Build by html: mod build index.html
  • Compatible with Grunt plugins, with literally hundreds of plugins to choose from


Mod.js is installed using NPM(Node Package Manager)

$ npm install modjs -g



Quick Build Demo

Built-in Task Examples

Plugins Examples

IDE Support

Platform Support

Mod support Windows, OS X, Linux...

Issue Submission

Submit a new issue.

Release History

  • 2014-02-28 v0.4.6 Fix r.js build error.
  • 2014-02-20 v0.4.5 Remove built-in server task.    


Mod is an open-source project by Tencent which builds on top of Node.js. We utilize a number of useful open-source solutions including:

  • UglifyJS
  • CleanCSS
  • HTMLMinifiler
  • RequireJS

Used by people within (JOIN US)



Mod.js is released under a MIT license.

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