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There are many provided methods for reading and writing files, traversing the filesystem and finding files by matching globbing patterns. Many of these methods are wrappers around built-in Node.js file functionality, but with additional error handling, logging and character encoding normalization.



    Describe: File exists


    Describe: Is the given path a file? Returns a boolean.


    Describe: Is the given path a plaintext file? Returns a boolean.


    Describe: Is the given path a UTF8 encoding file? Returns a boolean.

file.suffix(filename, suffix)

    Describe: File suffix append

    Return: {*}


```js file.suffiex("jquery.js", "min") // => jquery.min.js ```


    Describe: Is the given path a directory? Returns a boolean.


    Describe: Is dir format name


    Describe: Read a file from the filesystem and parse as JSON


    Describe: Looks for a project's package.json file. Walks up the directory tree untilit finds a package.json file or hits the root. Does not throw when nopackages.json is found, just returns null.

file.readPackageJSON( [dir] )

    Describe: Read a package.json file's contents, parsing the data as JSON and returning the result

file.listdir(dir, callback)

    Describe: List directories within a directory.

file.glob(pattern [, rootdir])

    Describe: Get the pattern matched files, default root dir is cwd

file.expand(patterns [, options])

    Describe: Return a unique array of all file or directory paths that match the given globbing pattern(s).

    Return: {array} matche files


```js file.expand(['!./foo/.css', './foo/']) ```


    Describe: Delete the specified filepath. Will delete files and folders recursively. [, encoding])

    Describe: Read and return a file's contents.

file.write(filepath, contents [, encoding])

    Describe: Write the specified contents to a file, creating intermediate directories if necessary

file.writeTemp(filepath, contents [, encoding])

    Describe: Write the specified contents to a temp file

file.copy(src, dest)

    Describe: Copy a source file or directory to a destination path, creating intermediate directories if necessary

file.find(dirpath, filename);

    Describe: Search for a filename in the given directory or all parent directories.

    Return: {string}

file.mkdir(dirpath [, mode])

    Describe: Given a path to a directory, create it, and all the intermediate directories as well


```js file.mkdir("/tmp/dir", 755) ```

file.mkdirTemp([dirname] [, mode])

    Describe: Create temp dir

    Return: {string}

file.walkdir(rootdir, callback)

    Describe: Recurse into a directory, executing callback for each file.


```js file.walkdir("/tmp", function(error, path, dirs, name) { // path is the current directory we're in // dirs is the list of directories below it // names is the list of files in it }) ```